May I introduce Bessie?


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I am very proud of my new ‘Lady Valet’ dressform – ‘Bessie’- who will no doubt be of great help in assisting me in achieving correct fit and is also very patient (and not at all bashful) about being dressed and photographed in order to show you what I have been making.

This self drafted sleeveless blouse is the first of the garments for my SWAP 2011 challenge.Whilst not a difficult (or exciting) project it will help get things underway – I was spending too much time planning and not enough time doing.The fabric is a polyester crepe which was given to me by my good friend Pamela at Material Matters which was easy to sew and I know from experience is very easy care. I used french seams throughout – not a difficult process but one I am rarely asked to use by clients so I felt a little rusty. Glad to say they have no ‘whiskers’ showing on the right side of the garment. You can see by the next picture why it had to be a sleeveless blouse. I love being able to use all the fabric!

Just bits!


P.S. Still struggling with the tickers. Have got them prepared but cant get them onto blog.Any ideas out there?

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