Forgive me sisters for I have sinned

What can I say. I am onto my second overlocker (having worked my first to death) and have only just made a garment using the overlocker as the main machine.Oh, the shame.

It is a goal to learn how to make much more constructive use of the overlocker this year – not just use it to neaten seams (although it does do that so well!) This goal coincided with the discovery that M&S dont seem to be making my favourite t-shirt shape anymore. I used the t-shirt from Burda 2/09 (model 108) which was pretty much there. I only had to make a full bust adjustment and thought I would be happier if I raised the armscye a little.I didnt use the instructions from the magazine at all,this was a very simple project. I dont have a coverstitch so it wasnt possible to complete without using my Pfaff just a bit.

 Bessie seems happy with the prototype and I will be making a few more of these as the year progresses. The fabric was a ‘who knows what’ from Birmingham Rag Market which cost almost nothing. Its good sometimes to buy these just to use as trial fabric. With a camisole under this I will be happy to wear it.

I’m planning the first of my Jacket a Month garments next. Only one month late already. Thank goodness the terms say ‘or 12 in all’.


One Comment on “Forgive me sisters for I have sinned”

  1. Jess says:

    It’s all looking good! x

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