Not quite a peacoat….

                                 So……..I really wanted to make a Burberry style peacoat in some wonderful claret red wool coating that I had in stash. Or the forest green wool…. Make like a donkey between carrots for several days (or more). Eventually it becomes clear that since it is now almost the end of february a lighter option may not be a bad idea.

Enter the Burberry style trench. I cant remember a time when a trenchcoat was undesirable (unless you count the hand-me-down that I was given while at school – didnt imagine that it would be such a classic – I hated it) so I was quite taken with the denim style trench on the Burberry site. Sadly I can only aspire.

 However, on checking the stash I found a piece of nicely matured ‘teflon coated denim’ (100% cotton). I bought this from Pamela at Material Matters longer ago than I care to admit but that just proves how right I was to keep it in my stash (please tell the husband!).100% Cotton teflon-coated denim

Now while there have been a multitude of trench patterns in the BWOF magazine and a nice one available from McCalls (M6246) I feel that I would be as well to draft my own pattern and fit in some of the details I would like to feature. I particularly like the collar stand – giving the opportunity to use that nice little tab to keep the wind off your neck.

Now I really should be finishing painting my lounge and starting to sew the new curtains (3 huge pairs – soooo boring) but I plan to start drafting this pattern tomorrow. Who knows, I may even finish one jacket before the end of month two. But I cant promise.

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