More News from the Trenches

After a week of catching up on everyone elses work I have spent the weekend doing more of my trenchcoat. I have now finished the pockets, front and back flaps,collar and stand, belt loops and have made the belt and straps ready to have the eyelets put in by Harlequin. Photos below.

It now feels almost finished, although there is still a fair bit to do. I wont do any more until the belt/straps are back and I get the buttons which are now ordered. I managed to get buckles from a friend who is a harness maker. I will have to remember her as a source for the future – Thanks Madge!


I am getting to the point where I really want to make something else now but I have to be disciplined and finish this first. Boo hoo.

One Comment on “More News from the Trenches”

  1. melissa says:

    ooh it’s looking very good! I’ve got all the fabrics and hardware in my stash for a trenchcoat, but I’m thinking I won’t tackle it until Fall at the least. Though I could definitely wear it all through a London summer!

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