I give in!

Ok. I know I said that I had to finish the trench before I started anything else BUT I am having such issues with the haberdashery. The buttons have arrived now (and very nice they look too) and Harlequin did a fab job eyeletting the straps/belt. If only I had done as good a job checking how big the pins on the buckles were. They dont fit through the eyelets. All my fault. Doh! As my husband says ‘Proper planning prevents poor performance’ (except he has an extra ‘p’ i wont share here!) Because I have made such a dogs breakfast of this project through not checking I had all the necessary before I started I will certainly make sure that I dont do it again.

The bright spot this week has been that my friends came back from Spain with a new copy of Patrones (No.302) – thanks Hilary and Geoff! It has about 5 things that I really want to make. And you can be sure I will be checking I have everything before I start. And it will almost certaainly be finished before the trench (although I do have high hopes of finishing the trench in time for the April showers!).The garments I really like in Patrones are shown below.

I love the detail on this  top – although the front is quite plain. Looks a little bit ‘All Saints’ (the designers not the band!). Not difficult to make and apart from the fabric all I need to make sure I have is a hook and eye fastening!

This top and trousers are both very appealing. Its a little difficult to see from this picture but there isn’t a shoulder seam on the top (the back piece extends into the front over the shoulder). The belt only affects the front and should draw the often difficult bulk in under my bust. Again nothing difficult there and all in fabric. The trousers are a length I have never tried to wear – I think I like them but will have to try them and see. These are in the plus size section so I will need to fix the patterns but that shouldn’t be difficult.

However I think the next jacket to be made is this one. I really like – no –  I love it! The shape is lovely and I love that what looks like a shawl collar is actually an insert. I think I may have the perfect fabric in my new spring fabrics (yes, I know I’m supposed to be selling them but I’m allowed a bit – aren’t I?) and if I use that  I have a lining that will work so all I will need is buttons.  Whilst this is my absolute favourite I do need to just make something quick to get going again but I am itching to do this. The dress shown under the jacket is also very nice but up til now I just haven’t been a dress sort of gal. Perhaps I need to adopt Melissa from ‘Fehr Trade’s policy of making something lovely for your own birthday. That would give me just over a month ( and cover the use of new stock!) 

I’m going to be busy all day today with client work but I am all enthused to get on with something for me again. Watch this space!

2 Comments on “I give in!”

  1. melissa says:

    yes! That tailcoat is just gorgeous!! Get started on that Birthday Tailcoat now (as you’ll definitely want a muslin first!)… 🙂

  2. […] watching TV but I missed more than I saw) so I was ready to sew today. I started with a top from Patrones 302 (number 32 from the plus size section). Whilst I am a 46 in trousers/skirts I always have to make a […]

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