My mum said….

Bessie wears the trench

Bessie wears the trench

….you should always finish one job before starting another. A message so deeply ingrained I have been unable to start anything fabulous from Patrones magazine until I finished the trenchcoat. I have finally finished the trenchcoat and can at last move the Jacket a month ticker on one space!(About time since we are now in month 4) I will also be counting this as part of my SWAP as it featured several very rusty techniques.

It’s a long time since I sewed bound pockets and I used the ‘Threads’ low bulk flap method (shown in News from the Trenches). There was also a load of topstitching which isn’t difficult but required more concentration that I often afford my own garments. 

I can’t remember a project that has caused as much angst for a long time. I really started off badly when I didn’t check that I had all the ‘bits’ I needed to complete the whole job – something I have learned from and will not do again. 

Proving I have pockets

I like the finished garment but I think I will like it more when it gets more of a worn look. Needless to say the last few days (and the forecast for the near future) have been beautiful spring sunshine. No need for a showerproof coat.

Better get started on something seasonal.

The back.

One of my clients thought the lining looked as though it had goldfish on it – hadn’t thought so until she said!

Goldfish on the lining? (Flasher pose!)

5 Comments on “My mum said….”

  1. Lisette says:

    I came to see what your trench coat pattern was and was disappointed to find out it was a custom job. It is wonderful and fits you beautifully. I’ve just ordered some wool tricotine to make one for myself and am still hunting the perfect pattern. Gorgeous work!

  2. Patti B says:

    Great trench! Wow, all those little bits to deal with and all done so well. Every time you wear it you will feel as if you triumphed over it!

  3. melissa says:

    Fantastic trench!! I absolutely love it and it fits you SO well! Great job.

  4. fabrickated says:

    You can’t go wrong with a nice trench coat can you? I fancy one in a stone colour. With a super lining! Very inspirational.

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