Patrones Top

I have had a busy weekend finishing off the details of my newly decorated lounge (re-hanging pictures etc). Whilst that was needed I really wanted to do some sewing.

I traced the patterns I wanted to use during last week so was all ready to cut out and sew three garments. I cut 2 out last night (supposedly watching TV but I missed more than I saw) so I was ready to sew today. I started with a top from Patrones 302 (number 32 from the plus size section). Whilst I am a 46 in trousers/skirts I always have to make a FBA in any tops/dresses I make so given the unstructured shape of this top I was happy just to try the size 50.

I had been given this polyester crepe fabric by a friend and thought it would look good in this unstructured style. It was very easy to sew and I know that it is very easy care so should be a useful addition to my wardrobe.

I really like the sleeve detail so I will definitely be making this top again. The seam gaps for putting the rouleaux belt through are possibly a bit too low for me so I will re-mark the gap to a higher position (making the gathering look a little more ’empire line’).

The belt was a very long rouleaux which looked as though it might be a pain to turn through but I used a turner that looks like a large needle with a lump on the end and had no trouble at all. I always make my loops with a ‘funnel’ to the top and two seams stitched close together which help to make the tube more stable.

It looks just fine on Bessie and when I have someone around to take photographs I will get some on me.I have a pair of ‘Classic Jeans’ from another Patrones issue cut out to start tomorrow so I hope to have more to show you soon.

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