More Patrones makes

Going through my wardrobe I decided that before I made up that fabulous jacket from Patrones 302  I really needed to update my trouser pattern. Whilst I don’t think I have lost weight my shape seems to have changed and my TNT pattern seemed to look a little ‘jodphury’.

Digging through the old Patrones magazines (doesn’t that always take an age – and add a gazzilion projects to the ‘I want that’ list) I remembered that issue 290 had a whole load of trousers. To the extent that it flashed ‘Especial Pantalones’ on the front cover. Should have been a clue.

Anyway, I came down to 2 pairs I really liked (eventually) and decided to go with model 31 (Jeans Clasico) first. Like so many of us I spend vast amounts of time in jeans/t-shirt type clothes so I thought that would benefit me most. I have some wonderful brown stretch linen which I have earmarked for model 30 with the front pockets.

I used some cotton/elastane bought from Pamela (Material Matters) and aged to perfection. Sadly as it is black the photographs dont show the detail very well – although the creases from being worn all morning seem very evident. I used a little of the patterned cotton left from another job to add interest to the pockets and remove bulk from around the waist. The size 46 should have been almost perfect for me just from the sizes given in the magazine but I had to remove excess from the hip/outside leg. I think perhaps I will try a 44 next time. No other alterations were made to the pattern before finishing this pair off and wearing them.     

After wearing these a few times I have made the pocket opening smaller on the pattern (drew a new line the same shape but about 1″ higher) to make the opening smaller and cut another pair in some lilac cotton/elastane very similar in weight to these but a little softer. It should bring me into line(ish) with this summers colour blocking and will also go beautifully with the fabric I intend to make the jacket in.

Unfortunately I got sidetracked by a dress in this issue which I decided I ‘needed’ right now (as you do). Since I started that the sun has gone in. Blame me. I will show you the dress soon.


3 Comments on “More Patrones makes”

  1. melissa says:

    Those look really great! I love that coordinating waistband and lining lining fabric! Using contrast scraps there always makes me smile in the loo (and if that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right!). I must try some of those trousers from that issue myself…

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