Where’s the sunshine?

 You may recollect the dress from Patrones Issue 290 that I planned (and started) a while ago. As I have been very busy with work for other people my own work had to go to the back of the queue but I decided over the weekend that I just HAD to finish the dress.

The fabric is a linen/cotton mix from the Material Lady summer stock (514). It sewed together very well and didn’t fray badly at all.

 There are lots of similar patterns from all the main companies but I liked this magazine pattern. The Patrones design was not difficult to trace off the sheets but I can’t vouch for the instructions as I don’t understand spanish (although they look a bit sketchy!) As it has been cold today I was grateful to Bessie for her services.


I am very happy with the result. All I need now is some warm sunshine!

I have high hopes of starting the fabulous jacket I want to make very soon despite still having lots to do for other people. I have fallen well behind the ‘Jacket a Month’ target so will have to make big efforts to catch up.


One Comment on “Where’s the sunshine?”

  1. melissa says:

    Ooh I remember that dress! Yours looks great! Though I think we might be waiting a while for summer sun – best grab a cardie just in case… 😉

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