Wish list growing

You should never complain when something wonderful happens (and when business is good) but when my friends came back from spain with another two Patrones magazines I was sent into a flat spin. There are lovely things in both of them that I would love to make – do I add them to my already long wish list? I have been really looking forward to making the tailcoat (I know – you are getting bored – just make it already!) but client work is so busy at the moment that I haven’t got round to anything for myself. Boo hoo.Anyway, lust after these garments from Issue 304 and Joven Issue 5.

The small pictures don’t show all the details well (which is the thing that is so appealing about the Patrones designs – they aren’t afraid to challenge you) but there are about 3 or 4 garments I would love to make here. Realistically I will probably only manage one or two at most. The shift dress and jacket in the plus size section are very classic but wearable.

At my advanced age I probably shouldnt be looking at any magazine targeted at ‘The Young’. I don’t take any notice of that and will just pick out the details I like. I hate being ‘older’ and see no reason why I should slide into dressing ‘old’. I may make occasional howlers but I will continue to choose the elements of fashion I like and believe suit me even if they are in a ‘young’ magazine. Sorry, rant over.

If anyone has any advice on how to squeeze another couple of hours out of every day please tell!


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