Taken over by life

I can hardly believe it has been almost a month since my last post. I have been very busy sewing – but none of it has been for me so I can’t show you any of it. Sorry.

I am now part way through my ITQ course and thoroughly enjoying it. I think I have learned quite a lot so far but there is so much more. Watch this space (and my website ) for improvements. It is taking quite a lot of time to do but should save me time eventually. I hope.

In addition, I have been doing work out in my garden (repairing and replacing fencing – with the help of a friend) so while that looks better I am way behind on anything I would like to do for myself. The only good thing that I have been able to do for me recently is start running again (I use the word ‘running’ but it barely counts) along with some others from the Stitchers Guild following the NHS podcasts. We are virtual running buddies!

I am coming to the end of some of the larger orders, and a wedding will be finished by the end of the month so I am determined to sew FOR ME at the beginning of August. Feel free to bully me.

Despite being really busy I am running away this weekend scuba diving in the Farne Islands (North East England) and hope to get to play with the seals again. I will post pictures if they pose nicely!


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