Not just finished – worn!

Birdy dress

Today I went to see the wedding of J & J for whom I have been sewing up a storm for some weeks. Clearly I can’t show you the pictures of their outfits (although I was very pleased with them) but I wore the birdy dress!

I worked a bit late last night to finish off the details (lingerie straps, hemming etc) and got it finished about 9pm. You shall go to the ball Hoody! (Well, wedding). The cotton was very easy to work with and the style was so simple that there was little to be able to go wrong. Haven’t we all said that before!Birdy dress and wrap

Some of you may know that I have joined Elizabeth and some others at the Stitichers Guild in following a running podcast to get fitter and hopefully lose a pound or two. I had been a little disheartened that the scales were showing no change for all my efforts. However. The tried and tested bodice block that I can usually make a pattern from with no real concerns about fitting was too big. Not lots too big but enough to need tweaking. I couldn’t decide whether I was pleased or not. I could have done without the need to fiddle with the dress but in retrospect I can presume that means that although I weigh the same I wobble a bit less (muscle weighing mWrap and shoesore than fat). So I am happy.

I already had a lovely wrap that went with the fabric and a pair of shoes bought recently worked very well. all in all a good day. Even better than that, the shoes have heels and are comfortable – what kind of a bonus is that?

And I can confirm that the wedding cake was excellent (having just eaten it with a cup of tea!)

Hopefully the ‘personal sewing block’ has now been removed so I am hoping to start something else on monday. Watch this space for progress.

One Comment on “Not just finished – worn!”

  1. […] of my favourite GAP jeans. I also changed the fabric for the facing pieces to the leftovers from my ‘birdy’ dress. The waist on the original pair turned out to be a bit too large so I will be reducing that […]

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