And the Patrones winner is….


I wish I had 3 copies I could send out but using a very scientific method (I asked the husband to pick a number since you ask) Helen came out the winner. So Helen, if you would like to e-mail me at   themateriallady’at’ I will be glad to post it out on monday.

We have just got back from a lovely week on Scotlands Isle of Arran which was a lovely place to visit – even hard on the heels on hurricane Katia. Lots of walking, lots of eating and drinking….  I may need to give Bessie a bit more padding. Ooops.

Anyway, on the sewing front I have come back ready to make a start on a jacket – after all I am only 8 short of my jacket a month target. The jacket I have chosen, Vogue 1263,  is described as ‘loose fitting’ so even carrying the extra timber I hope to lose now that I am home I feel safe in making it now. I have  decided to make this in my black embossed flocked quilting  (519). This will be a perfect start to an outfit for an evening out to celebrate a very special friends birthday (I will ofcourse need something to wear under it but thats a problem for another day!). I will be measuring the pattern tomorrow to see if I feel I need to make any major alterations – I hope not but I can’t remember the last time I used an envelope pattern so I will give it my full attention. Once the laundry is done.

Lovely isn't it!

Black embossed quilting - 519

               Wish me luck!

One Comment on “And the Patrones winner is….”

  1. allisonC says:

    Ooh, I have this pattern too so looking forward to seeing how yours turns out, the fabric sounds perfect for it.

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