Innocent Pleasures

Innocent hats

This last week has been strange – hot and sunny in september/october in England? Almost unknown. However, as the conditions were so fabulous I have spent all available time ‘putting the garden to bed’ (though in truth I would prefer to put it to sleep – I am no gardener!)

Between client sewing, gardening, and trying to crack on with my IT qualification (slightly more than 50% done now!) I have not made any progress on the birthday jacket (that is scheduled for tomorrow – I am itching to get on now!).

But what of these innocent hats I hear you ask? Well, my husband (a non-knitter) is in an office that has decided to join in the request from the ‘Innocent’ drinks company for knitted hats for their smoothie bottles. You may have seen them in previous years – they are put on the bottles for sale and each bottle with a hat sold generates a small sum for a charity (This years charity is Age UK). They are so cute and quick to knit (I made the 2 stripy ones whilst watching ‘Merlin’ last night) that I thought I would help too.

If you want the details on how to help knit ‘hats for bottles’ check out the details at .

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