Happy top?

I really wanted to like this top (View A on Vogue 1261) and I do – but it’s too big. I used my measures to choose the size and have since read  Pattern Review and seen that one reviewer recommended using a ready made top to use as a measure to guide you for the pattern size (hold against the pattern pieces). It doesn’t look awful – just big.

I decided to make this in my single knit jersey (530) in the very jolly red colourway. I loved this and couldn’t wait to get started.

I’m afraid I disregarded the slightly bizarre sounding back seam (press seam allowances back, butt edges together, then using a twin needle sew together from the wrong side before trimming and covering raw edges with ribbon on both sides – still following?) I wanted a quick and easy project – and whilst I did the raw edged seams and topstitched from the back with twin needle (I was happier to do this over a solid seam) as you can see – I didn’t want to go to the lengths required on a seam that would rarely be seen. Overall this was the quick project I wanted, and it turned out well – just not for me. I think my friend ‘A’ will probably win this one. I will be trying this again – in a smaller size. Maybe I’m just not quite as big as I think?

One Comment on “Happy top?”

  1. prttynpnk says:

    Psst…my name starts with ‘A’ and I would never turn my nose up at your lovely work! Just kidding about my begging, sorry you aren’t pleased with it, tho. Lovely fabric!

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