Once upon a time…

in a post long ago ….

Enough of that. I am currently feeling a bit cross with myself because way back in may I cut a pair of jeans from a Patrones pattern I had just made up so I could have a nice lilac pair for the summer.

I have just found the pieces in a bag – put away in a safe place (particularly safe from me!) to be made up when I finished a dress for me, and a batch of client work, way back in June. Clearly all that work was finished ages ago – but this little bag was already buried under other stuff and forgotten. Fast forward to me searching for something else ‘I know is here somewhere’ and you see how it was discovered.

The good thing about the delay in making these up is that I have hade plenty of time to wear the black pair and will make a few little tweaks to the pattern. As I had already cut the pieces I only have a few options (but I was glad to find I had already raised the pocket opening) so I will reshape the legs to be more like the shape of my favourite GAP jeans. I also changed the fabric for the facing pieces to the leftovers from my ‘birdy’ dress. The waist on the original pair turned out to be a bit too large so I will be reducing that too.

Given that all the prep is done (apart from interfacing the waistband and supporting the pocket seams) this should be a quick project so I am hoping to get them made this week around client work.

If I hadn’t buried these last time I was busy I wouldn’t be looking so hard for free time to make them now. Has anyone else found a project they had forgotten all about?

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