A ‘Yowsa!’ Dress


As you have already been told, I have been looking forward to a theatre visit with my dear friend ‘L’ for her birthday. I had already finished the Vogue jacket which I wanted to wear – but what to wear with it?(Clearly not the jeans which had been next in the queue!)

 I had bought Vogue 1258 pattern a little while ago with the intention of grading it up a size ( I have been convinced I am bigger than I am for years) and Pamela (who used to be The Material Lady) convinced me to make this up in the straight size 16 out of the packet. I wasn’t convinced so made this up in what can only be described as ‘stuff’ from the Birmingham Rag Market which is a great source of cheap ‘toile/muslin’ fabric. The only thing to recommend the fabric was that it was the necessary 2 way stretch.

'Yowsa' It fits!

The pattern pieces looked a little bizzarre but I knew I was going to just have to make it up and try it at the end – there are no obvious ‘fitting’ opportunities. The pattern is described as ‘average’ and apart from having to be accurate with the marking process, there were no real sewing challenges here. A beginner who is prepared to go slowly and follow the instructions with care should be able to manage this pattern without too much trouble. As Allison C. said  in her post this is a very body conscious dress – I have almost no hip/butt (and also very little by way of a waist!) so I was prepared to take the risk. I ploughed through the instructions, only changing the length of the ties as I am not terribly tall. Despite all of my concerns the pattern actually fitted, and looked good in the Rag Market rubbish, so I decided to wear it with my jacket to the theatre last night.

Not awful….
The full fig

A good time was had by all, and the ridiculously cheap and nasty fabric held its own amongst some stiff competition. This is a dress that will definitely be made up again – and in something worthwhile next time! 


6 Comments on “A ‘Yowsa!’ Dress”

  1. allisonC says:

    Yowsa indeed! You look fantastic in this dress, hurray for cheapo fabric that makes us brave enough to try out different patterns.

  2. Eileensews says:

    It looks fantastic on you!

  3. prttynpnk says:

    Great night out ensemble! Lovely….

  4. melissa says:

    Fabulous, fabulous dress!! I’m glad it got a worthy showcase, too. 🙂

  5. ruth elliott says:

    I love your little jacket – it sets off your lovely dress so well. Ruth

  6. […] was that wonderful Vena Cava dress I made before. It was such an amazing dress even made up in such tatty fabric that I was delighted with the scuba […]

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