Slow progress 2 – McCalls 5860

The plan to sew a half hour for myself at the end of my client work is probably something I should have started ages ago. As predicted the progress is terribly slow – but even slow progress is better than no progress.

Body with pockets

Body with pockets

Since my last post I have been able to sew the pockets and flaps onto the body of the jacket (now pressed and topstitched). As I am working in a tweed I backed the pocket flap in the satin lining to reduce bulk which I think worked well. I even remembered to sew the buttonhole before it was sewn to the garment – not rushing does have its advantages.

Satin backed pocket flaps

Satin backed pocket flaps

I sewed the sleeves and tried them on my arms as they looked fairly large. I felt they looked a bit ‘flappy’ on my arms so I reduced the circumference by 3cm simply by resewing the underarm seam to 3cm rather than the 1.5 allowed. This looks much better in my opinion. I dislike ‘fat’ sleeves as even if the rest of the garment fits really well they are inclined to make me look larger. I did a little adjustment on the body to comensate for the now smaller sleeve and they sewed into the holes perfectly.

Lining ready for insertion

Lining ready for insertion

My last job was to sew a complete body and sleeves in lining which are to be sewn to the shell of the jacket before the collar and facings. I will try the jacket on before I sew the lining to it to check the finished length is right. Once I am happy I will machine sew the hem edge, right sides together, which will give a clean finish.

I am intending to cut and iron the interfacing to everything that needs it in my time today, and get the collar sewn tomorrow. I have the buttons ready and I am very happy with them. All that stands between me and completion is time – and I am finding that in bits!


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