Slow Progress 3 – McCalls 5860

I am still making slow but steady progress in my half hour slots on the McCalls 5860  jacket .

Facing + interfacing sewn on

Facing + interfacing sewn onInterfacing giving clean finish

I have pressed the interfacing onto the main fabric where needed – I used Supersoft Superior (you can get this from The English Couture Company). The photographs show how I sewed the pieces onto the facings before pressing in order to get a clean finish. Nice and easy.

Interfacing giving clean finish

Interfacing giving clean finish

Undercollar on cross + seamed

Undercollar on cross + seamed

The collar was a place I varied from the pattern slightly. Rather than cutting two identical pieces I cut the under collar on the true cross and trimmed about 1/8th of an inch off all wound the outside edge to ensure it sat behind the top collar when turned.This was a process in one of the wonderful ‘tip’ boxes on this pattern – if only all patterns offered this sort of advice. I have left it sitting round Bessies neck to cool having been steamed.

Collar setting on Bessie

Collar setting on Bessie

There doesn’t seem to be a lot left to do on the jacket – maybe if I allocate an hour tomorrow I will be able to finish? I hope so.

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