Slow Progress 4 – The final – McCalls 5860 finished!

I worked this afternoon to tie up the last details on the McCalls 5860 Jeans jacket and have finished! I really underestimated the time that was needed to finish yesterday – but finished today within an hour. I am very happy with the jacket (though looking at the photographs I see I am going to have to move the bottom button a little). There is no-one home to take a photograph of me wearing it (but I like it!) so the model is wearing it.

The pattern was very easy to follow – although I did change a couple of details. The collar and cuffs have been done slightly differently to the recommended instruction but overall I think it is well described, with clear instructions. I think I may make this again – but not for a little while as I think it would be good in a summerweight fabric.

McCalls 5860

Love the buttons!

McCalls 5860 Front View

McCalls 5860 Front ViewLove the buttons!

McCalls 5860 Back view
McCalls 5860 Back view

I am thrilled that I can move my ticker on to the ‘3’ marker – pathetic though that is. I might get started on a 4th jacket but I think that will be my limit this year. I will be sure to keep up the ‘last half hour a day for me’ routine as it is working really well.

3 Comments on “Slow Progress 4 – The final – McCalls 5860 finished!”

  1. Janis says:

    Your work is impeccable, and I love the results!

  2. Libby says:

    Hi Kim! I’ve been enjoying your blog and decided to say hi. I’m in awe of your sewing skills – you turn out the most beautiful items.

    I really like how your slow progress on this jacket, spread out over a few posts, made the process seem so easy and stress-free — very encouraging to a beginner like me. The big zoom shots are great too.

    I was wondering if you’ve ever posted pictures of your sewing space? I’d love to see what obviously works very well for you.

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!

    • HI Libby – thanks for your kind remarks! The progress on this jacket was much slower than usual – I was trying the new 1/2 hour a day thing – and while I hadn’t thought about it you know it was stress free. I am glad to be of help to a beginner – but believe me when I say that I still learn lots from looking to see how other people do things.

      I have never posted pictures of my work space as it usually looks like a disaster area while I am busy. However, I have finished all my client work now so will be doing a big clean during my break so I may do something then. Keep looking!

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