Anyone else being a sloth?

I have all sorts of plans for things to do – and I have been sewing a little (honest) – but I am really struggling to do anything useful. The house is clean enough, we are eating home cooked (but very easy) meals, and I keep shuffling the fabric about. I’m sure that once I really get going I will be as productive as I can be – it’s just getting going.

I have been sewing a UFO. I was ashamed to find the lilac jeans (again) under a pile of stuff so decided that they had to be the first project of the year. They are coming together quite well and as long as I am using the 30 minute sewing system I am doing OK. There are no photographs yet but I will have some soon.

The Action area

After my last post Libby asked about my sewing room. I have never thought to show my space – all those online seem to be very well planned, swish, perfect places. Mine just sort of happened. I needed space while I completed my City and Guilds qualification where I could close the door away from the family – but we had small kids and not a lot of money so the fittings were pretty basic. Since then I have just grown it into an area where I work happily and despite appearances have everything I need in easy reach (and where I expect it to be) so I have not felt the need to do anything major in there. A larger work table would be nice when  I work on big projects – but most of the time it’s just fine. For anyone who has identified the boxes I store my threads in – I didn’t eat all of the chocolates myself !

Storage and pressing Great thread containers


One Comment on “Anyone else being a sloth?”

  1. Libby says:

    Hi Kim — Happy New Year!! Thanks for the peak into your sewing space. Helped me realize that my problem is not one of organization but rather the location is wrong. The space is adequate but it’s in a drafty basement where there’s never enough light, and just isn’t user-friendly. Seems you have everything you need within reach, with plenty of light, and to me it looks very inviting and comfortable. So I know what I need to work on. I don’t need anything fussy but I do appreciate function and comfort.

    Then of course there’s a whole world of eye candy out there grabbing my attention, and I have 5 or 6 hobbies I cycle through – currently obsessed with embroidery – so there’s no wonder I’m not putting more effort into sewing.

    As for your lilac jeans, they’re beautifully made and fit you perfectly, so I hereby declare them “in.”

    Love the Chez Hoodie wallet! Great serendipity – better than a Vera Bradley any day 🙂


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