Are coloured jeans still ‘in’?…

…because I have finally finished the Patrones jeans (cut out in may/june last year). I am trying to work out why it has taken me so long to get going with this project – I know I buried them a couple of times and forgot they were there but once I actually started sewing they really didn’t take too long.

I made a couple of adjustments from the original black pair. I felt that the pockets were too ‘open’ in the black pair so I raised the curved cutting line to give a smaller opening. I also reshaped the legs so that they were closer to a pair of Gap jeans I particularly like to wear.

Birdy side out Taped Waistband


Taped Waistband

 I sewed the pocket bags with the birdy print visible to the inside – I thought it would be prettier that way, and taped the waistband at both of the seams to prevent the fabric stretching (which it seems to still want to do despite being interfaced – I imagine it is because the waistband is curved).I found a hammer in button that was obviously kept as a spare to a commercially made pair of jeans which was perfect for these.

I really like the contrast waistband a pocket backs – worth the effort although no-one but me will see them –  and though the zip isn’t a great match I don’t mind because it is really well hidden in the underlap.

Patrones Jeans Front

Patrones back view

Despite all the extra weight I am carrying after Christmas, and not stopping to fit these at all (sometimes I’m just reckless like that!) they got a comment of ‘Not a bad fit’ from the DH who was drafted in to take the photographs.  Praise indeed.

If they still fit as well after I have made some efforts to shift some excess ‘timber’ I will certainly be putting this into a file for patterns marked ‘TnT’.

One Comment on “Are coloured jeans still ‘in’?…”

  1. Carolyn says:

    What awesome jeans!! You’ve done an amazing job… love that pretty birdy fabric as a contrast. And “timber”?? I couldn’t see any at all!

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