Blogiversary and a new skirt

I have been surprised to realise that today is my blogs 1st anniversary. It is still a shock to me to find how many people have visited the site in the past year – and some have even been kind enough to comment on what they have seen! I love hearing from people so please feel free to say something when you call by.

The main intention of blogging was to encourage me to sew more for myself, and whilst my output has not been magnificent it is certainly more than I achieved in the previous year (and I feel is likely to increase as I have started to enjoy making things for myself again). I still feel a bit reluctant to show my methods of doing things – I feel I may be accused of trying to ‘teach my granny to suck eggs’ – so if you see something I am doing and want more detail please ask (I would be thrilled!). I also spent time last year doing a computer course which has been put to good use on occasion on here (did anyone notice that the misplaced post in the sidebar has been sorted out now? – and I did it all by myself!). I still have lots to learn but I think I’m getting better.

Another very happy accident of blogging is that I have connected with others through their blogs and gained lots of inspiration. It was from one of these blogs that I saw the skirt I made. Carolyn  showed this skirt in her round-up from last year and I apologised in her comments – but had to have one.

Carolyns Skirt

Great skirt - awful pose

Carolyns Skirt

Knitted yoke detail

 I can remember making granny squares like this as a child  – and never considered them as possible clothing components. The management was a bit nonplussed at the pile of squares growing on the table before they were all sewn together (I really hadn’t considered that part!), but he is now very impressed and declared it ‘very smart’. I think I should be pleased. I took this skirt away over the weekend and really enjoyed wearing it (warm butt in the cold, snowy conditions!). I had to adapt the yoke section from Carolyns instructions as I am somewhat thicker around the middle than she is but I think it has turned out very well – and I think it will be worn lots. Thank you Carolyn!

 Yesterday I showed a picture of a fabulous hat I saw in the V&A and it was identified as belonging to the wonderful Dame Edna Everage.I found a link to a picture of Dame Edna wearing the hat to ‘Ladies Day’ (!?!) at Royal Ascot races. I hope you can access the picture – s/he looks ‘goooooorrgeous’ (Best Dame Edna voices please!) Check it out.

Again, thanks to everyone for stopping by my blog. Please comment – it makes me very happy! I hope to improve the content even more next year as my IT skills improve.



9 Comments on “Blogiversary and a new skirt”

  1. prttynpnk says:

    I’m totally in love with this- ok, what is a step past that? Lurve. Thats what I am in. Congrats on the blogiversary!

  2. I´m new to your blog but have really enjoyed what I see. And I don´t think showing us how you do things would be like teaching us to suck eggs…we all have our little ways and we can always learn from others! Congrats on the anniversary.

  3. Nancy says:

    I want this skirt! (Or one like it). Very nice.

  4. Carolyn says:

    Congratulations on your blogiversary and thanks for the mention! Your skirt looks terrific on you!

  5. Beryl says:

    I love the Dame Edna hat picture! Thank you for the link. Loved what you said on Cidel’s blog about how mothers of daughters rock.

  6. […] I was sorting the yarn stash I found the remains of the yarn I used to make the crochet skirt I copied from Carolyns blog. I love this skirt and can’t wait t wear it again this winter […]

  7. […] and no photographs! What can I say – I’m incompetent! Some of the yarn was left form my crochet skirt and I filled in the other colours as needed. The pattern is the real BBC pattern and I found it on […]

  8. fabrickated says:

    Oh this is lovely Kim! The waist band looks fine- quite streamlined. The colours are very vibrant. I hope you can wear it soon.

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