Online learning

I have sewn for a very long time. I have been taught all sorts of things by all sorts of people. I even earned an advanced City and Guilds Fashion qualification. But I have never done an online sewing course.BUT that is about to change!

In my inbox today there was a message from Threads relating to a couture dress course being taught by Susan Khalje on Craftsys site. I have long admired her contributions to Threads magazine and numerous bloggers from the US speak very highly of her classes so I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn from someone I admire in a format I have not tried yet.

The dress I will be making is from a Vogue pattern provided. Sadly I didn’t take a note of the pattern number and I can’t get back to find it at the moment – but it looks like the sort of pattern that could be adapted to suit just about any age or size. Could be fun. I will start looking through the lessons until the pattern arrives but once it does I will keep you posted.

Back to school Kim! (Off to sharpen my pencils and scissors)

Edit:  The dress is this one, Vogue 8648:

I have made a start looking at the lessons, and did a little stash diving to see what might be good to use. Can’t wait for the pattern to arrive now.

3 Comments on “Online learning”

  1. Carolyn says:

    I hope you enjoy the course. I’ve never done anything online like that before; it sounds very interesting.

  2. I´m doing the Gretchen somebody one for a vintage style dress and am learning a lot – hope you enjoy yours!

    • I’m still waiting for the pattern – and trying to decide which fabric to use. The management is going away for the night tonight so I am planning some serious planning. Who knows, I might even get something done for myself after that! 🙂

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