Continued sunshine – and some sewing

I had to check the calendar but, yes, it is still only March but the sun has shone here in Bewdley for days! The grass has been cut, borders tidied, and general outdoor jobs picked off.

Beautiful Bittern

Beautiful Bittern

We have a wonderful preserved railway here in Bewdley (The Severn Valley Railway) which had a very elegant guest engine for a special weekend. I spent some time daydreaming, thinking of the wonderful 1930’s fashions it would have seen. All very glamorous. The management tells me it is an A4 Pacific Class engine called Bittern (The same sort as the more famous ‘Mallard’). We went walking on sunday hoping to get a nice photograph of the engine but failed miserably. The wonderful photograph above of Bittern on Victoria bridge (which you may recognise if you have see the film’The 39 steps’ with Robert Powell) is by HennersJames. If you like lovely photographs, not all of engines but there are a few more, check out his Flickr site. I think I may need to look for a nice anorak pattern!

Alice+Olivia top - again!

Alice+Olivia top - again!

Triple zigzag on neckline

Despite all the walking and outdoor activities I did finish the top I started. I used a triple zigzag to finish the ‘raw edge’ detail, and also on the hems at the sleeve (which I shortened and tightened to make slightly shorter than ‘bracelet’ length) and body. Whilst the top looked fine when I put it on I can see a tuck at bust level in the photograph so if I make this again I will do a full bust adjustment. Now that this is in the right size (almost!) I am very happy with it and can confirm it is very comfortable. I had thought it may be just a little transparent as the fabric is quite a fine knit but there is no show through at all.

 While we were taking these photographs (at the end of a long day – can you tell!) I slipped the shirtdress (SAM2)on to get a picture. I love it but will probably make the next incarnation – which is intended more as a dress- the back length all round.SAM 2 - Shirtdress (self drafted)

I have accepted some alterations to four bridesmaids dresses for a wedding this saturday so I will be concentrating on those this week. They have been beautifully made – but sadly not as the bride wished. A reminder to all professional dressmakers that what the paying customer wants is what should be made – not what we want to make! I will be able to do more sewing for me when I have sorted these out. 

 Happy sewing everyone – and  I hope the sun is shining on you too.

One Comment on “Continued sunshine – and some sewing”

  1. You´ve been busy – it´s all looking good. But I am focused on the fact that you live in Bewdley..when I was 18 my then boyfriend came from there, so I know it! It was a youthful romance, but fun nonetheless, and I have memories of visiting him and his family there. Gosh, you´ve taken me back many years this morning!

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