A pile of patterns….

….arrived in the post earlier this week. It wasn’t a total surprise as I had ordered them all when the Vogue site had their ‘Buy one get two free’ sale for three days. I should be better organised and have a prepared list for these opportunities but I always end up with one of those panic moments. Anyway, the six I bought are (in no particular order as they always say on awards shows)…


Vogue 8793 – a lovely top with a zip used as a feature round the neckline. I saw this made up on Shams blog and loved it. I’m still unsure how comfortable the zip will be against my neck.

Vogue 1287 Donna Karan dress just looked like a really useful dress to have available. I have only fairly recently decided I like wearing dresses but this looks just what I need.

Vogue 1214 Alice +Olivia is possibly a bit more ‘cutting edge’ than the management can cope with – but I love it and he will just have to cope! I may try converting this to a jacket with sleeves – I think this is just wonderful.

While we are talking cutting edge, and what the management wont like – try out Vogue 1248 for size! I saw this first on Carolyns blog. She makes some absolutely wonderful garments – and this is no exception in my opinion. Even if you disregard the ‘wacky’ skirt (and I don’t intend to) the shirt is gorgeous. The skirt slightly overshadows it  but I think it is a lovely shirt for very hot days. In case anyone is in doubt that I will need this I can confirm that I have requested a great summer for us here in the UK. Hence the need for this shirt…

Vogue 1027 is another fabulous dress. I have had this pattern mentally tagged for a while but just got round to ordering it. I think this will be ridiculously useful. I have some new jerseys in stock so I am sure that one will be earmarked to try this out.

 (Don’t know why this picture had to be big to transfer but..) Vogue 1293 is a lovely Anne Klein trouser suit. The jacket is a very simple looking jacket – but with details that make it worth having when you look more closely. I can’t remember the last time I made trousers from a Vogue pattern but perhaps it is time to try again.

I haven’t managed any sewing for myself this week – too deep in bridesmaids alterations in amongst the other client work. I am hoping that next week will be better. NO – I will make sure next week is better!

2 Comments on “A pile of patterns….”

  1. Some gorgeous patterns there! I wish I had known about the Vogue offer as I am just finishing off making a dress (vintage style) from my first ever Vogue pattern and I have been so impressed with the way it´s worked out. They pattern was true to size, the intructions clear and it looks great! Looking forward to seeing how yours all turn out…

  2. Carolyn says:

    Thank you for the mention, and those kind words! You have a wonderful new pattern stash. I really loved those Tshirts shams made too. What will you make first, I wonder?

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