SAM 3 – Finished!

This was a project I was very pleased to finish. I don’t really understand why it has been so ‘blurgh’ to make, but this was trouble from the off. Despite that, I am really happy with the result and will definitely be repeating the style!




Seam detail

You may remember I wanted a shirt similar to Vogue 8747, but didn’t want to have to do all the alterations my (ahem*) assets would require. I used my basic bodice block (sloper) from the Winifred Aldrich bookI made some time ago. I think it went well – all the dart manipulation to move the gathering to the centre front went fine. I don’t understand what I did this time to make the sleeves so long! That may be something I put right in the near future – or more likely I will live with them long. I do intend to make this again so I will ensure I mark the pattern before I forget.

 I was determined to make this shirt without the use of the overlocker so used flat felled seams throughout. I had forgotten that on a long sleeved shirt this was going to be a bit of a challenge but the sleeves were much easier than I thought they would be! Even the seam around the armscye wasn’t as bad as I expected. I am very happy with how tidy the inside of this shirt is and will not shy away from repeating the ‘no overlocker challenge’. Though not for a little while. 


Inside on left - right side on right.


Tidy on the inside too

Despite being so long in the making I am happy with this shirt – I am wearing it now! I suspect I will make the ‘gathered front’ style more now I have discovered that it doesn’t make me look too UB (check out Shams for the explanation!) Tell me what you think.


Me - by me!

Clearly SAM 4 will be late since it is already 23rd April. Sorry.

9 Comments on “SAM 3 – Finished!”

  1. prttynpnk says:

    You should be doing a victory lap for this! Lovely.

  2. UB – love it! That´s me too 😉 The shirt looks great, I have never been brave enough to attempt one. Maybe I´ll look into that book you mention first and see if it can help me with the big chest issues!

    • Thanks! After seeing your dresses for the wedding a shirt should give you no trouble. Give it a go – and if you need pattern help fitting ‘the girls’ in e-mail me!

  3. Anne W says:

    Very nice, I love using flat-fell seams in my shirts. You could try French seams too.

  4. Martha says:

    SoupDragon – lovely indeed! So classically elegant. And what fabric did you use? It looks like it has a nice subtle sheen to it. And your top-stitching is fabulous. Actually I was hoping to use your gathering in the bust area to make my smallish boobage look more ample 🙂 Yours looks great on you. That’s going to be such a go-to shirt, I’m guessing. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Glenda says:

    What a fabulous shirt and so neatly finished. I stand in awe of your seams.

  6. Carolyn says:

    Your shirt is beautifully elegant, and the seams are a work of art! Tres chic!

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