Vogue 1027 people!

I know I was probably over optimistic when I bought the last pile of patterns but I really would like to get all of them made sometime soon. A friend wanted to try Vogue 1027 too so it was a good excuse to start with this! (I’m so easily led:( ).

The fabric I chose was another that I really have been itching to get at. It is a lovely viscose/elastane jersey (531 – Stone). I was shocked when a friend told me she avoided viscose and rayon because ‘she didn’t like man-made fabrics’. Whilst I agree that some of the ‘man-mades’ from the petrochemical end of the market can feel uncomfortable occasionally (though by no means all of them) viscose is made from cellulose fibres – much the same as linen – so I find them very cool and comfortable to wear. And not a bad fabric to work with either – not slippy and difficult! No-one should be scared of sewing jersey fabric – it can be very rewarding to work with. take your time and its easy.

Vogue 1027

Bessie models 1027

Vogue 1027

Front detail 1027

The most difficult part of this pattern was getting enough space to cut the skirt out – the half circle pattern piece takes a lot of space! Everything fitted together exactly as it should – and although I am fairly ‘blessed’ in the chest department  I didn’t do a FBA since my friend was trying this dress too and it fits just fine. I did put clear elastic round the neckline, just to give a little extra support, but didn’t shorten it too much because I didn’t want the neckline tightened at all.

The ties on the waistline are neatened all round, and although the pattern instructions were good I thought that it would be easier to get a good finish by working a mitre – not quite to the edge so it was still possible to double turn to thoroughly neaten the corner. This worked really well and prevented the fabric from shuffling around in that difficult corner. Not easy to describe verbally – I might try to show this in pictures another time.

Vogue 1027

Hem trimmings

The dress was left on Bessie overnight to let the hem fall into place, as it was almost all off grain, before cutting it straight. I used my floor standing hem measure and left the dress on Bessie while I measured around the hem from the shortest point on the skirt. I was quite surprised at how much the hem had dropped. You can see from the picture of trimmings the range I had to take off.
 I love the dress now it is finished – I suspect it will be a real go-to dress on warm days (you can tell I am an optimist given the way April has been in the UK!) and is a real packing dream so it will be going on holiday. I just hope I get it back from my friend as she has borrowed it to try! 

P.S. Me-Made-May is going well – at least one (and usually more) garment every day so far. Photography is less good…..

2 Comments on “Vogue 1027 people!”

  1. I love this and the fabric is gorgeous!

  2. […] next victim was a dress I made last year. This is Vogue 1027, and I really liked this when I first made it but it never felt quite right. The bust/waist ratio […]

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