Me Made May – The first 7 days

I have succeeded in my goal of wearing a minimum of one ‘Me-Made’  garment every day so far. I have not been so good at getting photographs – and some of the ones I have got are pretty awful (what can I say – the management is great at his job. His job doesn’t involve taking photographs).

Me Made May 2012

T-shirt and cardigan – 1st May

Me Made May 2012

Moon & Stars PJs – 1st into 2nd!

Day 1 was a self drafted T-shirt and a cardigan I knitted some time ago. The PJ’s were made from and old Vogue pattern for the top and the shorts were a self draft. The pattern is MIA but when I find it I will edit this post. I wasn’t sure whether I should include this for the 1st or 2nd so they are in both.   




Me Made May 2012

JAM 2011 – 2nd May


 I wore this JAM 2011 jacket to the cinema with my friend ‘L’ (Salmon Fishing in the Yemen  since you ask – much better than it sounds and it has Ewen McGregor).   




Me Made May 2012

SAM & Patrones – 3rd May


      A day spent sewing for clients so this SAM and the Patrones jeans were just what I needed as a comfortable outfit I didn’t mind crawling the floor in. Pinning hems is not very dignified. Check out the sparkly silver Converse Hi-tops! I love them.




Me Made May 2012

Patrones Jeans (again) 4th May

 Another day sewing – but no clients so I made a very lazy choice and repeated the Patrones jeans with an M&S t-shirt. Comfy but not all that great. I have decided that this jeans pattern needs tweaking.




Me Made May 2012

Pyjama Drama – 5th

Avoided a failure day by wearing the PJs that I made. I love my comfy PJs.   



Me Made May 2012

Patrones Gardening jeans – 6th May

These jeans were from the same Patrones pattern as the lilac jeans – they are now an even worse fit than the lilac. I have been following a running plan (again) in an attempt to strengthen my bones. (Mother and Granny both had/have osteoporosis). Whilst I don’t think my weight has changed my body shape definately is. Because of that these are now strictly gardening jeans. And I hate gardening.



    And the 7th. Sorry can’t show you. Top secret. It was the Lean on my shoulder top that I made to try a pattern for Rhonda. When she gives the OK I will be able to give you all the info. Until then – sorry! 

Going well so far – and I may even get better photographs for some of the future days. But not for today (8th). Didn’t get one. And I am already in my PJs (yes – Me-made) because it’s my birthday so I can do what I want today!

8 Comments on “Me Made May – The first 7 days”

  1. Well done on your first week – love it all and I adore the cardigan! Happy Birthday – it´s my mum´s today too – hope it was a lovely day!

    • Thank you – I have the cardigan in black too. Both very useful.
      I had a very busy day but unwound and celebrated with a delicious cupcake and cava – very nice.Hope your mum had a very Happy Birthday too!

  2. prttynpnk says:

    Oh, i hope I’m not to late to wish you an excellent natal day!!

  3. sewbussted says:

    Isn’t it wonderful when you can go to your closet and pull out such wonderful pieces and know that you made them all. Congratulations!

    • Thanks Rhonda – they is sure to be some repetition over the next weeks but I have found some things I had almost forgotten!

      • sewbussted says:

        I bet you’ll find things that go together that you never thought to put together as well. Hope you’re having a lovely Mother’s Day.

  4. Carolyn says:

    Happy birthday for the 8th! You worn some really lovely things this week, I especially love that JAM jacket you wore on the 2nd May 🙂

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