Me-Made-May – Days 8 to 14 (Late again)

Oh boy have I been busy. Not just sewing – the rain eased off just long enough so that i couldn’t avoid having to cut the grass. Darn. And then someone squished my car a bit in a car park – fortunately I was sitting in it at the time so I nobbled them! Sorting out the repairs took some time too. And there has been sewing. And then a bit more sewing – and nothing for me. Boo hoo.

Anyway, MMM. I am still pathetically short of good photographs – but since I see that Carolyn takes her own (magnificent) photographs I really must stop complaining about the managements efforts and get on with it myself! Bessie has been a willing volunteer so some garments are shown on her.

Me Made May 2012

Pyjama Drama – 8th

In my last post I confessed to being in my PJs already – but since it was my birthday I was allowed to do what I wanted. So there.

SAM 2 - Shirtdress (self drafted)

SAM 2 – Shirtdress (self drafted)9th May

On the 9th I was invited to lunch with the previous ‘Material Lady’. Due to a ‘scabby knee’ , legacy of my carelessness, I couldn’t wear a skirt so I wore the self drafted shirtdress which was SAM2 and a pair of black leggings and black boots.

  Good lunch – good conversation – comfy clothing. Great day. 

Me Made May 2012

Thursday 10th – self drafted T

Payment for a day out was a full days sewing. Fittings, visits, the works. All achieved wearing a self drafted t-shirt (another of my ‘shy retiring’ pieces) and the black cardigan in the same pattern as last weeks green. Perfect clothing for crawling the floor and all the other undignified things a dressmaker is required to do.       

Vogue 1261 A

Thats my happy top!
Friday 11th

We had friends round for drinks on friday evening – nothing ‘posh’ so I wore my happy top and brought the black leggings out again. I think this is the garment I like the most of anything I have made recently – so much so that it is starting to fade in the wash. Oh dear. A good night was had by all. More conversation, drink drunk, and bed far too late. Which didn’t bode well for saturday morning….      

Me Made May 2012

Patrones Gardening jeans -12th May

…..when the garden simply had to have some attention. The rain held off long enough to cut the grass and tidy a bit generally. But I still wont show you any pictures – I am no gardener. All the rubbish was taken to the tip and I got the Patrones black gardening jeans suitably filthy. I feel a bit sad for these jeans – it’s not their fault I have changed shape so they don’t fit any more.

Me Made May 2012

Moon & Stars PJs

Sunday was spent just reading the papers, catching up on house work, and generally trying not to do very much. Wearing purchased jeans and T-shirt. Bad Kim! Just as well I wore my moon and stars PJs to bed.

Me Made May 2012

Monday 14th

Monday 14th was another day doing odd jobs, but I was to go out in the afternoon. Wearing a Burda shirt in a white crinkle broderie anglais cotton I found lurking near the back of the wardrobe – how did that happen! It came from Burda 3/2009 and is style 106. A real gem. And I have another in a different fabric – blue striped cotton. Sadly the day was a little spoiled by someone with a car bigger than their ability to drive it. but the shirt was good!

Another week completed and I can still hold my head up and say I am fulfilling my promise to the challenge. Almost half way done now!

Sewing for myself has slid off the radar so I am about to re-instate the 30 minutes for me at the end of each days work. Look out for the start of the next (very late!) SAM!

2 Comments on “Me-Made-May – Days 8 to 14 (Late again)”

  1. Well done! I love your “Happy Top” that self drafted or from a pattern?

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