Bussting out!

I did some undercover testing for Rhonda Buss a while ago on a pattern she has just released. I wasn’t able to show you anything until I had her OK but now I can let you see!

Meet the ‘Lean on my shoulder’ top.

Rhondas lovely top

Bessie wearing Rhondas top.

I made this in this seasons Viscose/Elastane jersey in Random Circles (538). I was slightly shocked when a friend said she avoided viscose because she didn’t like man-made fabrics. Whilst some of the fabrics made from the ‘petrochemical’ end of the market can feel very man-made I love rayon and viscose which are made from cellulose (wood pulp or cotton waste) so not an ‘un-natural’ fabric in my opinion. This particular fabric is very soft and gave a lovely drape at the neckline. One of the original tops which Rhonda showed had a stiffer neck and looked very different. If I wanted to get a finish like that I would use an iron-on interlining to give some body.The top was sewn on my overlocker – something I really should do more as it made this such a quick and easy project. I only used my sewing machine on the hems for this top, using a twin needle, as my overlocker does not have a coverstitch.Rhondas lovely top

I really enjoyed making this project. It was the sort of garment you could cut out in the morning and wear that night. It is comfortable to wear – and I know some people were a little concerned about the slightly ‘off the shoulder’ side showing straps but I can say that I had no problem with this at all. I did think that I might spend time during the day ‘re-arranging’ the neckline but forgot about it quickly and it behaved beautifully all day. Love it! 

You are now able to buy this pattern at Rhondas Etsy shop .


One Comment on “Bussting out!”

  1. Shams says:

    It looks great on you!

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