An important visitor to Bewdley…

Not a person. But (pause for drumroll) THE OLYMPIC TORCH! Unless you have been living under a rock you will know that the games are to be held in London this summer but I truly never expected the torch to pass through a little town like mine. Not that I don’t think it deserves it – we are just a bit …. small.

Bewdley knows how to celebrate – we have an annual Festival which attracts some very impressive people (my daughter is still impressed with how fabulous Honor Blackman looked even in a dressing gown and curlers at her sound check) … but I digress.

Olympic Torch day

Theres a bridge under there somewhere…

 Today Bewdley was heaving with not only the great and good, but the everybody. And we had all come to see this.

Olympic Torch day

The ACTUAL Olympic torch!

This is the real Olympic flame which is being taken in relay around Britain – carried through

Olympic Torch day

Torch makers mum

Olympic Torch day

I get to hold the torch!

Bewdley by Samuel Loveitt (Age 12) Well done that man!

 For a while it didn’t seem as though we would see anything through the crowd and I was very kindly offered the chance to hold ‘a torch’ (though not THE torch) by a lady whose son had made it at school. Brilliant! Not everyone was so convinced that it had been

Olympic Torch day

Monty remains unimpressed – though well dressed.

worthwhile – but was still happy to be dressed for the occasion. Meet Monty – it took three attempts to get this photograph (I have one with just his butt and tail!) but it was worth it as he is so handsome! Jubilee Celebrations next!  After leaving the town the flame was to go on a steam train , stopping at the West Midlands Safari park where the elephants had been practicing their wave too. Check this out!

2 Comments on “An important visitor to Bewdley…”

  1. I think it´s wonderful! I am oneof the people who support the Olympics and hope that it´s a great success (as long as Spain get into the Basketball final as those are the only tickets we managed to buy!). Think your” flame is far superior to the real thing 😉

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