30 minutes for me…

…again at the end of every work day. Official. Or I will never get the opportunity to make all the wonderful things on my wish list ( which seems to be getting longer almost daily). This worked well for me last time I tried it so I just have to regard this as being as important as for a client – something that I find difficult.

Anyway, today’s 30 minutes were spent gathering fabric and notions needed to make a jacket and trousers which are to be the first garments actually made for the Summer 2012 6PAC from Stitchers Guild. I have spent so long planning this (while doing other work) that the plan has changed multiple times and would continue to do so until I JUST DO IT as someone once said. I have already posted my button order so should have everything I need within the next week. I will give more detail once I have something to show you.

Tomorrow I am going to cut the jacket out. I already have the pattern cut ( I did that before my holiday) so I just need to check my patterns for a suitable trouser pattern and I am ready to start sewing.

3 Comments on “30 minutes for me…”

  1. prttynpnk says:

    I like the 30 minute idea. I’d like it more as 60 minutes, but hey, I can try, right?

    • It does tend to run over the 30 but it does mean that I schedule something for me. The alternative is to write out a whole day for me – but something always seems to get in the way when I do that!

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