Advanced Style – Sewing Inspiration

Many ladies seem to see getting ‘older’ as a limitation. I want to be one of these ladies.

The ones in this book – not a ‘limited’ lady. I have just reread this post and thought I needed to clarify that.

Did You Make That?

Don’t you just love a man who loves women? If you’re looking for sewing and style inspiration, I urge you to check out this book. (Though possibly from the library. It’s not cheap.)

Ari Seth Cohen has a fabulous photo blog where he captures images of stylish women. There’s only one rule – they are all of a certain age. Now, he’s had a book published. That’s Not My Age recently attended the London book launch, a fact that makes my whole body shudder in a fit of envy.

When I heard about this book, I knew I had to have it. It’s wonderful, stretching from the classic to the dotty, from the sweet and pretty to the abrasive and slightly scary. There’s even giant ric rac! (Scruffy Badger, I am looking at you.) It’s full of women who love themselves and – dang! – they love…

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  1. […] watching I was reminded of the post I reblogged some time ago about Advanced Style. This was a book I had intended to get at the time, and is still […]

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