Summer 6PAC started

I am still busy with client sewing but have managed my 30 minute slot at the end of most days this week. I wanted to make a start on the Summer 6PAC (which you will remember I have been over planning for weeks) and rather than one of the useful basics I have jumped straight in with what should be ‘the linking print dress’.

I bought Vogue 1287 in my last batch pattern  purchase. I still prefer to make my own patterns – it is often easier than making all the alterations necessary to fit my figure. However, with the memory of the successful Vena Cava design I decided to go right in with this Donna Karan dress.

6PAC dress

Gazillions of tailor tacks

I really wanted to use my viscose snakeskin jersey for this. I have a mental image that says this should be a winner. And if we ever get any warm weather I know from my experience in Portugal that this fabric is wonderfully comfortable and cool to wear.The pattern  seemed like it would accommodate my ‘assets’ without too much messing around so I used one after work slot to prepare the pattern, one to cut out the fabric, and the next to make all the pattern markings. That session took a bit more than 30 minutes. Does anyone else hate this process?

I have to say that having started the sewing process today those marks are really necessary! I have the bodice and skirt finished now and just need to link the two together with the waist band. I hope to get this done over the weekend so I can get on with other work on Monday. Bus mans holiday anyone?

I promised to get a picture of the Management wearing his shirt – and we had an evening out to the theater last saturday when he wore it. I hope you like the grave stones as background!

The management likes the shirt!

5 Comments on “Summer 6PAC started”

  1. Ah, he looks fab! Hope you had a fun evening. Am hoping this morning to start cutting out a dress pattern…it´s a new one for me (one of these Simplicity – I think – Perfect Fit) which should allow me to manage my “assets” (love the way you put that)! Am still not really confident enough to make my own patterns.

  2. sewbussted says:

    Love the shirt as well as the back ground theme. My husband would have asked if I were planning something!!!!!

    • I hadn’t thought of that at all! We just happened to be in a lovely square in Birmingham and I thought how ‘right’ the location was. But now you mention it …..

  3. Carolyn says:

    Your husband’s shirt looks terrific on! I really love that Vogue pattern you have chosen. Such a flattering and feminine design. She really knows how to dress to enhance a woman’s curves, doesn’t she?

  4. Pauline Droy says:

    love the skull shirt – glad he liked it – I have to still finish my last two shirts – I think we have rain all weekend, so might be an opportunity for me.

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