Summer 6PAC – Item 1

I have had the first item in my Summer 6PAC finished for a few days now – I actually managed to finish my dress from Vogue pattern 1287  on Sunday during the European Cup final (Football/soccer for anyone lucky enough to not know what I am talking about!) but have only just managed to pin the management down to take photographs.

Vogue 1287

Front view

As I said in my last post there were a gazillion markings to be transfered onto the fabric before sewing.

Vogue 1287

Back view

Don’t be tempted to skip this part – they really are essential. Even with all the marks tailor tacked I had to refer to the pattern pieces a couple of times. I think when I make this again (because I really LOVE this one!) I will use different coloured threads to keep me organised. I feel much happier in this more fitted skirt than I am in the other DKNY (Vogue 1027) pattern I made. I like that dress but don’t feel as comfortable wearing it as this one, or the Vena Cava (Vogue 1258) ‘Yowsa’ dress I made late last year. Any ideas why ladies?

This dress was fairly easy to sew, even given the amount of tacks and tucks, and although I made a straight size 16 it fits fine. I would say that it could be considered to come up large so if you are considering it I would probably advise using a smaller size than you would usually use  but do check the ease allowance you want. I have fairly sizable ‘assetts’  but no hips to speak of and I love the fit. This dress disguises all the ‘baggy bits’ around my tum but doesn’t look like a tent. I took a lead from Alison C who had already made this dress and put elastic all round the waist rather than just into the back section. I stitched the sides of the front section to keep that area flat, but having the elastic inside the casing just keeps the front stiffer and looking neat.

The pattern suggests using stretch silk or similar for the dress but I really like it made in this viscose jersey print from stock. I have been looking for an excuse to sew this snake print and I am very happy with this dress. I didn’t make the slip which is included in the pattern – I have other slips I could wear if required but I think this looks just fine without.

I am going away diving next week and packing space is always a bit short on those trips but this is going into the bag (rolled up to save space) as my one ‘smart’  garment.

Still using the 30 minute slots at the end of my working day I have started the first ‘column’ for the 6PAC in black. I know, not a very summery colour but one I wear a lot  and it will also see me into autumn. Despite having made the ‘dress in a linking print’ I confess that I haven’t decided what my second main fabric is going to be!

P.S. Pictures are indoors again as it is raining here. Again (or still depending on how you look at it). Perhaps when Wimbledon is over we will get some sunshine!

10 Comments on “Summer 6PAC – Item 1”

  1. prttynpnk says:

    Oh, i really like this on you! Maybe I need one too…..hmm. Enabler!

  2. Anne W says:

    That looks great! I have to admit I have given up on dresses, but seeing you in this makes me think I may still have a chance. And the rain, it’s still doing it!

  3. allisonC says:

    I love your dress, it’s good to see this pattern getting some airtime and seeing yours reminds me that I still want to try this in a solid. I really like your tip to stitch the elastic down at the sideseams, I might go back and do that on mine.

  4. Pella says:

    I like the dress on you, and the print you picked for it.

  5. sewbussted says:

    Looks like I’m in agreement with everyone else, the dress is great and I love the print.

  6. Carolyn says:

    Your dress turned out absolutely beautiful! I love that fabric too 😀

  7. […] of the Pattern Pyramid Pile has reached The Material Lady!!! Please go and check her out- she sews lovely stuff and travels and reviews books and won a gold medal in water ballet at the 1997 International Games! […]

  8. Gail says:

    I’ve been debating what to sew next and I think your pattern review for V1287 has helped make up my mind. Enjoyed stumbling upon your blog – we are women of similar age and tastes.

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