Vogue 1214 – Not quite right.

I’m not entirely happy at the moment. I have worked on the Alice+Olivia vest/waistcoat this week and got almost to finished. For some strange reason I decided to try it on again yesterday after the lining was almost completely in place. And something is not quite right. I can’t decide what I am not happy with (because I still like the basic garment) – but something is just ‘off’. Darn. I split the front piece and made a princess seam to make a FBA. Maybe this made it wrong. Or it could be that I have added a bit too much allowance for my thick waist. As the whole thing is within an ace of being finished, and is top-stitched to blazes, I am going to put it away quietly for a week or two (not too long or it will become a UFO!) and come back to it fresh. I have photographs but the stripe in the fabric looks a bit weird on them. Sorry.

Vogue 1214

Front – not as bad as this on me – but bad.

Vogue 1214

Side view – what can I say?

Vogue 1214

Back – A bit ‘baggy’ and maybe too long?

I really do think the best thing I can do at present is walk away from this project.

Patrones 318

But there is good news! My dear friends G & H came back from Spain and brought me a new Patrones magazine (Number 318). There are a number of things that are very appealing in this magazine and it would be very easy to just decide to run away with another project. (Can you hear another ‘but’ coming?)

Patrones 318

Patrones 318

Patrones 318

I have decided to edit my wardrobe before I do any more sewing for myself. I know that there are some howling gaps in there but I really do need to get everything out into daylight, try on everything, and be really ruthless about what stays. In common with most of the population (according to the popular press) I wear about half of my clothes and the rest seem to be in the cupboards/drawers as insulation. Got to stop. We people who sew are lucky to be able to create exactly what we want/need. In my case I just need to be a lot more disciplined! Over the next few days I will start making a list and going through the stash to see what will fill the gaps.

Patrones Cape

Patrones Cape

One of the things I have been lusting after for some little while (and the weather here in Worcestershire is now just right for it) is a cape. I like both of these capes although they are quite different in character. I think I am leaning slightly toward the shorter, more casual, Patrones version but I am still concerned that I may end up looking like Batman’s elderly Auntie. Any suggestions?

Burda Cape

Burda Cap

One Comment on “Vogue 1214 – Not quite right.”

  1. sewbussted says:

    I like the shorter version! Super cute.
    Once you finish your editing, come help me with mine. Actually, I guess I am in the minority as there is very little in my wardrobe that I don’t wear. There are things that I don’t wear very often, but they do get pulled out for special occasions. Anyway, good luck with your editing.

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