Knitted Armour

Inspired by, not actual. Anyone who is more on the ball than me will remember I mentioned seeing these garments when I visited the V&A a few weeks ago for the Ballgowns exhibition. I do hope I haven’t taken so long to show you that the garments have been removed now. I was making my usual tour of the metal gallery (not sure that is what it is really called but it has lots of beautiful wrought iron work – I know I’m odd but as a defense I may have the metal gene as my dad was an iron-worker).

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All of these garments were credited to Julia Sissons, one of the V&A’s curators. It was particularly good to have access to her notebook (shown) and test swatches. I really loved the fact that someone could be so inspired by metal clothing of old to make garments that, whilst unusual, could be worn today. Admittedly if you did wear them you might get a few odd looks, and you would almost certainly have no trouble getting a seat on the tube, but these were truly wonderful garments.

If you get along to the V&A for any of their wonderful exhibitions (and I have just bought tickets for the Hollywood Costume exhibition today –  I am very excited!) please don’t just go to the exhibition and out again. Spend some time enjoying the other treasures that are available here. Who knows, you may be so inspired you make something as wonderful as these garments.


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