I’m suffering ‘fabric frustration’!

Deep breath. Things could be a lot worse. But I had my heart set on making this –

Patrones ‘Trench’ Cape

– in this fabric.

Cape fabric?

Not enough for the cape. Aaargh!

It had been maturing in the stash for a good long time. I seem to recall buying it to make a very warm coat for my darling girl when she went to a school that was delightful – but on top of an exposed, windy hill. With Highland cattle in an adjoining field! (Yes, in the Midlands – not Scotland). Since she has now completed University and moved out I thought it’s day had come. The lining worked. The pattern was traced. All I had to do was press and pin, and cut out before smugly moving to the sewing room. It was not to be.I was about 20cm short. I spent longer than was reasonable turning the pattern pieces every which way. No way. After a short sulk I decided to make a second choice. It was from stock and there was more than enough left to cut for me.

Cape fabric - second choice

Cape fabric – second choice

This is a lovely Loden green knitted wool mix (533)  which I had earmarked for another garment. It was sold to me as ‘dry clean only’ but I did wash a sample – which shrunk about 20% on the length. I really wanted to know it would cope with the occasional soaking if I got caught in the rain (though it wont be showerproof – just another layer to get through) so I cut extra to cope with the expected loss in length,  and while I type it is being washed. Gulp. The fabric doesn’t look any different once washed, though it is perhaps a little softer. Having been pre-shrunk the fabric I should be able to wash the cape if I need to. The plan is for this to be a ‘throw it on’ layer for those times you don’t really want a coat but need a little extra warmth. I think it should work.

However, since I couldn’t get moving last night on the project I wanted I spent some time going through old Patrones magazines. I love to do that as there is always something that catches your attention after a break. Last night it was this from Patrones 285 –

November Coat

November Coat – and it fits the fabric! (Allegedly)

The Management can’t quite understand how this will fit the red fabric (according to the magazine instructions) yet the cape wont. Break for short lesson on the fabric grain. Don’t think it was worth it! Anywaay – the revised plan is to trace the pattern for this beauty and use my first choice cape fabric for this. Result! (Or it will be when I get it made). If I am very organised I will get the pattern traced before Downton Abbey tonight and cut out one of the two options tomorrow.

Gosh, don’t I sound productive!




2 Comments on “I’m suffering ‘fabric frustration’!”

  1. sdbev says:

    Oh itsn’t that annoying! Glad you found a work-around even if it is a different pattern completely.

  2. How annoying but whatever you end up making I know it will be amazing!

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