Coat and Dragon

Yes, I did say dragon. I have been sewing all week – and usually I would have to say I can’t show you anything as it has all been for clients. But I just had to show you this so I asked especially for permission. Thank you Mrs N!

Welsh Dragon dress

Welsh Dragon dress

Behold Bessie modelling the ‘Welsh Dragon Dress’. It was self drafted – a very simple t-shirt shape with no darts. This was made for my client as a gift for her friend who is a big Welsh rugby supporter. I think we might spot her in the crowd wearing this! I really enjoyed doing something a bit different – and although the dragon was time consuming to applique onto the dress (front and back) I quite enjoyed it once I had got into the swing. Good fun to do. I hope the Welsh team play particularly well for her.

I managed to trace the coat pattern from the Patrones magazine on Sunday as I hoped, and trimmed the paper pattern pieces in my half hour on Monday. I cut the fabric yesterday – the pattern fitted but only just! The photograph shows what was left. There isn’t a good sized piece left at all. I kept what there was so that I can test interlinings before doing the work to the coat pieces. I have decided I don’t want to make this a ‘project’ so I wont be using canvas and pad stitching. A bit of speed tailoring needed this time.

Patrones November Coat

Not much left!

I hope to make a start sewing this over the weekend so maybe I will have something to show you in a couple of days.

There is still time to leave a comment to add your name to the ‘Pattern Pyramid’ draw so why not join in!



6 Comments on “Coat and Dragon”

  1. sewbussted says:

    What a fun project and such a fabulous job to boot!!! Looking forward to your coat:)

  2. Great coat and wow to your cutting skills on the coat!

  3. prttynpnk says:

    That is enviable!! My husband will not be seeing this or oh, I will have my work cut out for me!

  4. velosewer says:

    Can I just say at the Rugby World Cup last year in NZ, the Welsh fans were great party animals and they did it with lots of style and decorum. I hope she gets photographed in the crowd:)

  5. denise howells says:

    i too am an avid welsh rugby supporter i would love one of these dresses if possible

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