Ooops, Threads did it again….

Sing that to yourself in a Britney style if you want to.  It seems that although I thought that my subscription confusion had been sorted out after a ‘live chat’ on the Threads website it all happened too late to stop the next issue from being sent out. Twice. This confused the bejesus out of me and after another ‘live chat’ I have been told to offer the duplicate magazine to you. Again.


If you would like to have the opportunity to look at a Threads magazine, to decide if you want to buy more, please leave me a comment and I will draw from the replies if there is more than one of you.

Coat update.

I had my Patrones 285 coat all cut out and ready to get on over last weekend and had really hoped to make good progress. Do you ever get the feeling that you have a ‘blighted’ project?

As you may remember I really wanted to make the cape from this fabric but there wasn’t quite enough. I interlined all the necessary pieces in my 30 minute slots on Monday and Wednesday (I missed Tuesday because of an unscheduled trip to Birmingham to buy fabric for a client) using fine sheer fuzing. This was better with this cloth than the Supersoft Superior interlining that I thought would work but meant that I had to let each piece cool and set on the board before moving as it does have a tendency to ‘un-stick’ if you aren’t careful!

I eventually started sewing after work today. I thought it would be a great idea just to work the pockets and then see how far I got after that. Not far was the answer. I very carefully sewed a beautiful bound pocket – on the wrong side. See what I mean about a blighted project.

After unpicking the pocket strips I decided it would be in my best interest to leave it all until tomorrow and start again. It shows that no matter how much experience you have you can foul up big time. I’m hoping for a more productive day tomorrow. Wish me luck.

7 Comments on “Ooops, Threads did it again….”

  1. Love threads! And I too have done the unmentionable of sewing the wrong sides together, after 30 years you would think that I could get it right the first time! Best of luck with your jacket.

  2. G.Petunia says:

    Oooh! I would love to see a Threads.

    I’ve done things like sew a right sleeve into a left armhole but now I try to be Zen. You know, become one with my sewing.

  3. sheila says:

    Love to read a Threads-have the archive dvd but not as thrilling as getting my hands on the actual magazine. :-))

  4. JackieN says:

    Anyone can make mistakes. I usually walk away and take a break and pick up the project another time. I would love a copy of the thread magazine.

  5. I would love to have a copy of threads. I really enjoy reading about your latest sewing escapades!

  6. Anne W says:

    I have 2 of those projects. I rolled them into a ball, stuffed them into a bag and hid them at the back of the cupboard. One day someone will find them. I don’t want to see them again!

  7. Kat H says:

    I’m interested in having a look at a Threads magazine. 🙂

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