Patrones Coat – Part 2

Well, I got up this morning ready to have another go at this coat – clearly a spell sulking in bed and watching 30 Rock did the trick. I decided that I would do my coat before customer work so that I was clear headed and ready for action.


Bound pockets

Fuzzy – but all finished and correct

Bound pockets

On the right side now!

The bound pockets had to be sorted out first, and despite having cut one whilst being sewn on perfectly but facing to the wrong side, this went much better than I expected. Behold two very bad photographs of the re-done pockets.

The pocket bags were cut from a very basic shape drawn on the front pattern piece. When the are sewn in place exactly as cut they will not join together as you might expect they should. Clearly one piece has much further to reach than the other, and the underside just about matches if you trim it by about 1.5cm before stitching it in place. I sewed it in place in a pretty ‘free-style fashion’ but it worked just fine.

With the pockets in place I was able to sew the bottom sections on to the body pieces, and join the side seams before making the collar pieces (stand and fall), and attaching to the body. I trimmed the fall piece attached to the outer fabric as it will be the under collar, and by shaving off about 0.5cm I hope to keep it underneath where it belongs. All having gone well I decided to take the photograph and tidy up before lunch so I could get on with customer work after eating. And then I saw it. One front, bottom section was upside down and looked a slightly different shade to the rest of the body. Aaaargh! I couldn’t leave it like that!

Patrones 285 Coat

Coming together well now – or is it?

Lunch was late today.

4 Comments on “Patrones Coat – Part 2”

  1. Ooh those pockets look good!

  2. Libby says:

    awww 😦
    Mercury retrograde.
    But still a beautiful coat that’s going to look great on you.

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