Patrones Coat finished!

Yes, honestly!

I have spent some time over the weekend, and a bit more this morning determined to get to the end of this project. For a garment that was declared not to be an ‘epic’ project this has taken an unreasonable amount of time (and all my fault – I am sure that this could have been made in a fraction of the time by someone with their head in gear!) . And if I wasn’t having problems with my internet connection and strange things going on with the WordPress site I would show you pictures.

I will try again tomorrow. (Thanks EE – used to be Orange  and have presumably ‘improved’ things such that they are now impenetrable for non-geeks like me). It seems I can’t even add tags to this post. AAaaaargh!

3 Comments on “Patrones Coat finished!”

  1. Sometimes technology can be too clever by far!

  2. sdbev says:

    Oh, can’t wait to see the pics!

  3. velosewer says:

    Blogger has been a bit of a challenge too.

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