Darn that internet connection

Yes, it is still causing trouble. So I am out on safari in Bewdley (in the freezing cold it has to be said) looking for legal wi-fi I can hook in to. See how dedicated I am? It has to be said that buying a coffee and sitting in a local pub aint too bad.

And just to show you this…..O

The pictures of the Patrones coat. Awful self portrait but the management is out to work, and back in the dark at the moment

You may remember that I intended to make hand-worked buttonholes on this coat but after peppering the very few pieces I had left to sample on with test buttonholes I decided to go with a round ended machine buttonhole. I wanted the finished buttonhole to look a little more ‘there’ than my machine was offering so I carefully zig-zagged another pass, slightly wider than the original and falling into the cut area to encase the raw fabric. Looks fine to me.


The buttons were bought a couple of weeks ago (yes, I thought I would need them earlier than I did) and I am very happy with them. I wanted nice, but inconspicuous buttons for this. I would have been even happier had I been able to find a set I liked in one of my four, yes FOUR button tins. My father used to suggest that my mother and I checked the buttons before deciding what to make – he may have had a point. However, everything else for this coat came from stash so I am happy with that.


I wore it out to a Christmas concert in Birmingham on Tuesday night , hot of the ironing board, and declare it both warm and comfortable. I have already decided on my next project and will post soon – or when EE get me back up to speed so that I can access files and post pictures without everything ‘timing out’ before I am done!

I have already chosen my next project so I will be working on that around customer job next. More information soon.

5 Comments on “Darn that internet connection”

  1. sdbevsdBev says:

    It is lovely. Congratulations on a job well done.

  2. Velosewer says:

    This would be a great trend to start – sewing bloggers working from a pub. Someone had to start! My husband would approve.
    I love your coat. It’s a great colour and style.

    • It got worse – I picked up a take-away on the way home as the management wasn’t going to be home until late. I don’t think my waistline can cope for this problem to last too long! (Although if anyone feels like joining me please let me know – I’m sure it would be fun!)

  3. Gjeometry says:

    Nice Jacket! I can’t wait till I’m able to sew that well. I am a new sewer and blogger and I saw your blog as I’ve just started following the Pattern Pyramid and came on over. I am now going to follow it and hopefully be able to get some tips and advice. Congratulations on winning the corset patterns from the pattern pyramid draw!

  4. Carolyn says:

    Absolutely beautiful! The colour is so cheerful and cosy. Your buttonholes are like little works of art 🙂

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