New Patrones – 320

My dear friends G & H have brought me another Patrones magazine – this time number 320.


There are a number of things this time that I like but I feel may be a bit ‘young’ for me. Not the lovely motorbike type jacket on the front cover – I would happily wear that (and I wouldn’t have thought of making it in cord, hmmm).


I also like this jacket with fabulous peplum detail, and lovely slim sleeves with a full head. Though I would have to leave off the front pocket detail in view of my build. Don’t need anything extra there. Oh no. This issue has nine jackets, all of which are appealing in their own way, but these were  my favourites.


I loved the tuck detail on this skirt. I would quite like to make this – I could probably get away with the boots and opaque tights route but I am not sure that the extra fabric will be flattering over my tummy. Only way to fine out is to try it , right?


However, I will be starting this fabulous blouse for my daughter. I know the short sleeves aren’t exactly seasonal here in the UK but it is so cute, and I know that she will look lovely in it. I have made a start in a lovely mulberry cotton mix stripe which I had from stock (there is a little left) which has a little elastane so it will stretch a bit with movement – always nice. She is coming to stay over the Christmas break so I am hoping to get it finished so that she can take it away with her. I wasn’t certain about the neck bow (which is separate so could be left off) but she has declared it as needed so neck tie it is. I have the pattern traced from the magazine, and the fabric cut out so I should have something to show soon.

I will be counting this as one of my very delayed ‘Shirt a Month’ offerings (Remember those?). These stalled after April (I am so ashamed) and I have no excuse. None. I can’t think why they stopped at four but I may have a late flourish. It might even include something from Pattern Magic. Possibly. (Hi Petra!)

Off to sew. Like a maniac.

5 Comments on “New Patrones – 320”

  1. sewbussted says:

    I really like that jacket as well. Would love to see it made up.

  2. Angela says:

    That Motorcycle jacket is adorable!

  3. […] darling daughter was home for a couple of days so I was able to finish the blouse I mentioned in a previous post and have her model for you to […]

  4. Lu says:

    Hi do you still have the Patrones magazine 320 would you be willing to sell it at all. Lu, England. Thanks alot

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