Old Singer – Happy Hoody!

Oh boy, am I a happy bunny!

I have been looking out on ebay and such for a hand crank Singer sewing machine for a little while. I can’t really explain why I really wanted one so much but I know that other bloggers have raved about their old machines (which oddly seem to be capable of so much more than we expect) and the Singer buttonhole attachments that go with them. I also learned to sew on an ancient Black and Gold Singer – though that one was electric.

I managed to get a buttonhole attachment on ebay but lost out on the machine in the last seconds. Grrr. Back to scouring the interweb.

Well… I got one! And isn’t she a beauty!

Beautiful Molly

Beautiful Molly

From the serial number I have discovered that this machine was built in Scotland in 1945. Despite the age the machine is in very good condition, even if the wooden veneer on the base is a little the worse for wear. I can handle that. I didn’t expect to find the accessories box still to have feet in it, and a selection of vintage Singer machine needles (still in their paper packets). For some reason the management decided it should be called Molly – hence ‘she’.

I collected the machine on Sunday and managed to attach the buttonhole attachment to it on Monday. What fun trying that out! Even with my computerised Pfaff machine (which is the one I use most) there is a little variation in the buttonholes made. Given that this is a straight stitch machine , built in 1945, and an attachment that hasn’t been used in donkeys years it gave surprisingly good results. This is an attachment that doesn’t have ‘cams’ and the adjustment is still a bit of a mystery to me but I suspect that once set up this will be well used. I would probably still like to get one of the attachments with the cams that make keyhole buttonholes – they look so nice on jeans and jackets.

Buttonhole samples

Buttonhole samples

I may try this out for the buttonholes on the blouse I am making for my daughter (which is coming on fairly well – photographs later) as I really want to use it on a ‘real’ project.

P.S. Still in the local pub for their WiFi – no solution from my ISP so I shall be moving soon. Hopefully I will then be able to post without having to buy a coffee! (I know – I should have a decent drink since I am here).

6 Comments on “Old Singer – Happy Hoody!”

  1. Angela says:

    Wow thats a beauty! Congradulations, so glad it works well for you~!

  2. Gjeometry says:

    Oh, it’s beeeyooootiful! My mom used to have a very old singer that was a vibrant turquoise colour. It was gorgeous and she gave it away. Now that I’ve started sewing, I so wish she still had it.

  3. mrsmole says:

    You scored!!!!!! happy sewing on your new lady!

  4. velosewer says:

    I think there’s still merit in blogging at the pub.
    Good score on the machine. Maybe it will work with leather?

  5. sewbussted says:

    Congratulations on your new addition. My mother has a Simger Featherlite that I would love to get my hands on. The old machines can sew so beautifully.

  6. […] (not studs as I had intended) look very good, and the buttonholes were beautifully worked by the old Singer hand crank machine with buttonhole attachment. Beautifully. Better than my computerized Pfaff would […]

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