Patrones 320/7 Blouse

Well I really hope everyone has had a happy Christmas!  Here, chez Hood, the mood has been a little mixed. The central heating broke down on Sunday. It was fortunately repaired on Christmas Eve –  just before I went to the dentist who confirmed that I had a stonking great dental abscess. Happy times. Lots of antibiotics and no alcohol.

My darling daughter was home for a couple of days so I was able to finish the blouse I mentioned in a previous post and have her model for you to see.

Happy with the shirt!

Happy with the shirt!

Patrones 320/7

Not a bad fit for a distance dressmaking project

The blouse was very straightforward to make – as I don’t read Spanish I can’t comment on the instructions from the magazine. I did change the front slightly and cut both centre front sections as one piece – I didn’t want to risk a break in the stripes running down centre front. I think I would also close the dart in the side front in any future incarnations of this that I might make. I really can’t think why I didn’t do it this time as I usually try to ‘lose’ any darts into seams where possible. I had to take the waist in a bit as my running DD is very slender. If she wasn’t so nice I could get cross.

As you can see, the daughter is happy with the shirt – there are a couple of issues I would change next time but it is still probably a better fit than ready made. There is another piece of fabric waiting to be made into this pattern but until I feel better (or it promises to stop wriggling every time I go near it!) it will have to wait.

The great thing is that this moves my Shirt a Month up to FIVE! And we are only in December which is month….er…..

However, I do have something else to show you very soon which might just change that again. In the meantime I hope you all had a great time in the holidays and are looking forward to New Year. When I will still be on antibiotics and alcohol free! (Do feel free to suggest good alcohol drinks for me to enjoy on New year – I am bored with what I have  now).

A belated Merry Christmas to you all!

A belated Merry Christmas to you all!

5 Comments on “Patrones 320/7 Blouse”

  1. sdbev says:

    Looks great and you DD looks happy. Win Win!

  2. sewbussted says:

    Your daughter and the blouse are beautiful. Well, the blouse is lovely and your daughter is beautiful.
    So sorry to hear about your dental issue. Because of the tumor, I have had more issues with my mouth than I want to think about. Hope you are not in too much pain.
    Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

  3. Alison Withell says:

    Thank you very much for sending the threads magazine.


  4. Your daughter and the blouse are beautiful – and don´t worry about not Reading Spanish, the patrones instructions are generally pretty bad! Do shout though if you do ever need some help with them, happy to oblige. Hope you are soon on the mend 😦 How about cranberry juice with iced ginger ale….?

  5. Lu says:

    Hi do you have your patroness 320 magazine still? Im after a copy especially the jackets/ blazers. If you still have would you be willing to passmit on? Thanks alot lu, uk

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