I have been lurking around the various blogs who are participating in  Cloth Habits bra sew along. That makes me sound a bit of a perv. I’m really not – I am just very envious of the ability to sew such fabulous undies. Among them are Melissa (of Fehr Trade) who has been making wonderful undies for a long time and Carolyn  (Hand Made by Carolyn) who also makes lovely underwear sets. I know that making a bra will be a bit more challenging for me as I am *ahem* not short in that department but I have bought a pattern by a company called Merckwaerdigh which seems to fulfill my needs. More on that another time.

Whilst in an undies frame of mind (and having discovered the FREE pattern on the Cloth Habit blog) I have made a couple of pairs of Rosy Lady Shorts. So easy! I have never understood why the really pretty lingerie items were so expensive – and seemingly more so the less fabric they had. I am even more confused now because I made both of these pairs of shorts in an afternoon – that included printing and then tracing my pattern size, trawling the stash for the suitable fabric I just knew I had in there (with all the diversions this entailed!), cutting out and sewing to finish, and finally photographing. Oh yes, there was even a tea break after the stash diving. I am really pleased with the results and will definitely be making more of these!

Lacy undies!

Lacy undies!

Sorry about the flash on the picture. Everything came from supplies I had. The stretch lace (composition unknown) was from Birmingham Rag Market, the lace elastic around the waist is from a ‘remnants’ pack I bought from The Sewing Chest, and the picot elastic  round the legs also came with that purchase. The leg elastic is probably a bit heavy for the job, but I couldn’t wait to go shopping for a more suitable lighter elastic before I finished what I wanted to be a quick,  fun, afternoons sewing so in it went.

I am really happy with these – they are very comfortable (although I might make the body a bit deeper in the next pair to see if that feels even better).

Bra next?


7 Comments on “Smalls(ish)”

  1. Anne W says:

    oo, thanks for the link to Merckwaerdigh, always good to know where to get other lingerie supplies! Bra making, they aren’t too tricky, just go slowly!

  2. sewbussted says:

    I’m about to take the panty plunge. I have printed out the same pattern. So happy to hear that you are pleased.

  3. Well done – have never thought of making my own undies. I too am rather generously endowed, so will be interested to hear how the bra making goes!

  4. Pauline Droy says:

    lovely panties – you will be hooked now (I am)

  5. Angela says:

    Not bad for a stash dive!

  6. […] a free PDF download for a pair of thong style panties. I will have to try them and compare with the lady shorts I made a little while ago. I can feel an addiction coming […]

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