2nd Blogiversary! (And other stuff)

Well fancy that! I got an e-mail this morning telling me I had been blogging for two years. What a surprise – and you don’t seem to have got totally fed up with me yet so I will carry on if that’s OK. 🙂

In other news I spent a day tracing patterns from this months Burda, and a couple from old Patrones to the pile of projects I really want to make. I even traced off what I think is my size from the Merckwaerdigh bra pattern.  I have traced a dress, a top, and two trouser patterns (one Burda and one Patrones – both in the same size to compare fit in the two magazines).All I need now is to stop procrastinating and GET ON WITH IT!

One garment I knew I wanted to make up (and quickly!) was a pair of leggings as ‘The Management’ and I were planning a weekend away in Liverpool last weekend. I knew there was a pair on the Vogue 1214 pattern(UFO alert!) that I am still waiting to finish the vest/waistcoat  and thought I might just use that. It looked good on the envelope – but I knew that I wanted to remove the gathering detail on the as I planned to wear them inside boots – and I didn’t want to look like Norah Batty.Much loved though this character from Last of the Summer Wine is I really didn’t want to emulate her famous ‘wrinkled stockings!

Not the best fit

Not the best fit

Sadly the leggings were not the roaring success I had hoped for. I cut the size I should working from the measures on the

Baggy back view

Baggy back view

pattern envelope. Too big. I cut them down a size – still not great but better, Now I know I am a long way from the shape of the model on the envelope but these are really not flattering on me.   I have reasonable slim legs and a fairly full tummy,  I probably fall into the ‘apple shape’ category. Having taken the excess length from the bottom of the leg I was still left with a baggy crotch (not attractive), and baggy knees. As there are so few seams on this pattern it is actually more difficult to get a good fit on a non-standard body so I am giving up on these and sending for the Papercut Oh La Leggings pattern that seems to be getting a good review from lots of bloggers.

I was a bit sad not to be able to take the leggings with me, but it really didn’t spoil a fabulous weekend.

Liverpool is really worth a visit – even when it is freezing cold!I wore my Patrones coat almost all weekend and can say I am very happy with it. I think I would have interlined it with thinsulate had I realised that I would be wearing it when it was this cold! The Lambanana is a fantastic piece of work – and the original was a warning against genetically modifying food. They really appealed to me – and this one shows my other passion – marine life (and maybe you could pretend I am that diver?).

Patrones coat by a decorated 'lambanana'

Patrones coat by a decorated ‘lambanana’

I will be campaigning for another visit to Liverpool – I had a great time but there was much too much to see in a weekend. I did get to ‘ferry cross the Mersey’ though!

The iconic Liver Building - and bird

The iconic Liver Building – and bird

Is that a Banksy in the car park?

Is that a Banksy in the car park?

Old reflected in new

Old reflected in new


Slavery museum – well worth a visit

6 Comments on “2nd Blogiversary! (And other stuff)”

  1. mrsmole says:

    Don’t throw away those leggings yet! Pull the crotch up, reposition the elastic and wear them as cropped leggings. I wear this length all the time for fitting clients and it looks great with long tunics and sweaters. Thanks for the great photos from Liverpool….after spending 8 years there it was nice to see a blue sky and those iconic buildings.Great coat too!

    • The sky might have been blue – but it was FREEZING! And the wind off the river was as bad. Great city though – I envy you your 8 years there.
      The leggings will be attacked and made wearable when I get a chance. I think there is a lot of merit in patterns with multiple seams – more places to fiddle with the fit!

  2. sewbussted says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary!!!
    Your outfit pictured in Liverpool looks chic and lovely without the leggings. Something you might want to consider giving a try, I drape my leggings on my body. I have been very happy with the outcome.

    • Thanks Rhonda!
      If the Papercut pattern doesn’t deliver I will give your ‘draping on the body’ a try.
      (The leggings I am wearing in the photo are good old Marks and Spencer!)

  3. Petra says:

    All that – I so beat you in the Procrastination race… Happy Blogiversary!

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