Another ‘smalls’ pattern

I was trawling round my favourite blogs (sorry I don’t have a ‘blog roll’ on my site – I will work out how it is done sometime!) and found that Melissa from Fehr Trade was spending a week making lingerie! Fabulous lingerie!

In addition to that ( as if that wasn’t enough) she is offering a free PDF download for a pair of thong style panties. I will have to try them and compare with the lady shorts I made a little while ago.
I can feel an addiction coming on….

4 Comments on “Another ‘smalls’ pattern”

  1. Sewbussted says:

    We will want a fashion show!!!!!!!!! You make it, you show it. Forgive me, I just couldn’t resist. Hope I made you smile as much as I did;)

  2. I don’t (can’t!) do thongs so my smalls are more like “bigs”. My brother called them “grundies” when we were kids as he used to laugh at my grannies undies…hence grundies!

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